Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Voodoo Queens and Art Unseen

Nina Chakrabarti. Mint.

As a lover of black line illustraion I adore how Chakrabarti plays on modern fashion images from magazines and the media to question the value of public opinion of beauty. I think these images help us to question what beauty is and what other cultures may percieve as beautiful. The juxtaposition of a magazine model or cover girl with a traditional tribal looking print which intirely covers the face would be a strange choice for a magazine photoshoot and is almost humourous through my eyes, which could be seen as a attack on over exaggerated politcal correctness not Chakrabarti's part.

Bodily compromisation. Yesss. I love art that is makes us question modern day ethics and public opinion. Consider, if you will the very controversial french artist Orlan, who expresses her work through her own body in the form of plastic surgery. This is weird, and perhaps too far but her message is clear; her body her a canvas and she intends to use that to it's full potential. Narcissistic, some may say but her art questions society and compromises her body for the sake of art and her love for her work and belief in medical advances and technologies. I wont make any appologies for her.

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