Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Bradford Textile Conference

Today I descended upon Bradford in order to attend the Bradford Textile Competition Conference and hear about what is expected of us in our 2010 entries.

It was really interesting to hear Janet Holbrook from Peclers Paris talk about trend and colour predictions for SS2011. The main jist of the talk focused upon colours that inspired hope and a positive approach to balance out the negative aspects of the economic down turn.

Holbrook categorised SS2011 colours into four main areas:

1. Nature
Inspired by pollen, bees, natural ecosystems and natural grace, looking back to the work of the pre-raphaelites with sheen finishes and rippling effects.
The theme also looked into travelling and the garden of delights with colour including fresh greens pinks and oranges with lots of digital prins and the bringing together of art and textiles into one expression with the use of 3D forms and crepe finishes.

2. Meandering
This theme is said to have come about due to people wanting to slow down and reflect on the more important aspects of life, thus rejecting the busy technology fueled life that we have all got so used to in recent years. The idea of having a dream and thinking and reflecting on where you could go and what you could do with your life.
Chic, relaxed and simple designs are to be created concerning drifting intellect and rare essentials. Velvets and Devore is said to be sticking around creating a 'shabby chic' feel and universal stripes, particularly in a vertical direction will be making a comeback with inspiration from boats and tarpaulins, crochet too will be making a reappearence to the markets with naturally dyed, sourced or even recycled yarns and materials. The aim is creating lo-tech, attractive but functional designs.
Trends include wrapping, draping and folding with gauze fabrics in greys and blues with flashes of terracotta colours, these will be very popular in wovens in dusty, smoky and dense settings.

3. Solaris
Inspired by music, video and art 'Solaris' will set out to create magical energy with an other worldly quality and a fascination into the unknown.
With a surge of people in this generation travelling to South America, Peru and the like tribal symbols will make an appearance in fashion and interiors. Surges in creativity are what will get us through the recession and man made fabrics seem to be most likely to come out on top.
Colours will include bunrt oranges and reds accented with balck and white and a new vivid blue. Statement colours will be seperated by vegetal texture represented by jaquard and interlacing techniques. Metals, embossing and polishing will also become popular with copper taking over last seasnons gold.

4. Cheerful
Upbeat simplicity and everyday charm will be represented in this theme with an overall whimsical feel. Trend will return to simple, classic design roots.
Poetic invention and a 'Do-It-Yourself' approach will often encompass recycled and fanciful objects with inspiration coming from artists such as Kandinsky.
French etiquette will appear again with the recent popularity of Chanel with reds, whites and blues with other basal tones. Parallel to this preppy American themes will shine through, often with a subtle flash of colour that could be hidden inside the garment in its lining. CMKY colours will be used in professional graphics and sports wear with inspiration from Jil Sander.


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