Sunday, 29 November 2009

Jono Lewarne

Jono Lewarne. Terrific. His web page is full of enticing projects that warm my heart. Ok, so this example is slightly more serious, but this personal summary of his work really makes you realise, he's there to make the world a slightly better place:

'After all the recent doom and gloom in the press about the credit crunch and our impending financial doom I decided to put my own message out there. I screen printed 'Everything will be ok in the end' onto pages from the Financial Times and posted them up around Bristol city centre on a Sunday night ready for the Monday morning rat-race to see. It wasn't based on sound economic advice but hopefully it brought a smile to a few faces.'

And I have to say, it definitely put a smile on my face.

Some of his other work includes 'The Encyclopedia of Pie', obviously a niche market involved in the making of that one.
And one of my other faves, 'Dictionary' which is a response to the book Iona by Fiona MacLeod. After he first read it he loved all the language and words he had newly discovered within it's page that he wanted to create his own book in respect to it. And the best part is, he placed a copy in the library next to 'Iona' so other future readers could enjoy his work.

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