Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Julian Casablancas etc: My Drive Thru

Julian Casablancas. Swoon.

I've literally just bought tickets to see him on his solo tour in Leeds in December. YESSS. This music video of 'My Drive Thru' where he teamed up with N.E.R.D's Pharell Williams and Santagold is amazing. It's like being stuck in an Escher painting with all the direction change, spiraling and underlying geometrical structures (oh how Professor Hann would be proud!). The grey tones work really effectively in giving the impression of cut out illustrations, almost in a paper chain men fashion, and the constant movement creating a film reel like motion that mimicks the tempo of the song. So what if it may not be my normal music taste, but its new and refereshing. A niche in my iTunes.

I recommend that EVERYONE has a listen to his new solo album 'Phrazes for the Young'. Post Strokes genius.

Casablancas can just carry on as he is and I will be happy.

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