Sunday, 22 November 2009

Knitting and Stitching Show

Andrea Cryer Kath
Inspired by a picture found by Cryer of the grandmother at 18 and then another photograph of when she was 88, representing time and memory.
Canvas, pencil, linen, cotton, reused threads, threads unpicked from subject's clothing, hair, hand embroidery.

Gintare Pilypaite Grandmother
Inspired by the artist's memories of her grandmother.
Wool, cotton, stitching, photography

Kyoko Nagasawa Search for Pouring Down
Cotton and nylon threads, polythene bags, machine embroidery on heat pressed and hand-knitted polythene bag base

Susanne Gregg Vase
Soluble fabric, monofilament thread, machine stitching

So today, for the third year running I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate and as ever, it didn't fail to inspire and excite me. I thought that in comparison to other years, this years show focused much more on the stitching element of textiles particularly on linear stitch rather that, for example Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn's stitch work that builds up layers to create an image.

I seemed to be much more drawn to this type of linear stitch, that creates a simple line almost like a sketch. I was wowed by the talent shown and the ease of which the artists seemed to be able to create such a natural line on a machine.

Sarah Burgess Pulling Off, Slipping On
Inspired by vintage costume books instructing women on the correct way to put on and take off their gloves in order not to damage them. Represents life and experience through the discarded item and the continual wearing of the glove.
Cotton organdie, machine and hand stitching, shadow work, applique

Helen Keller

Ilaria Margutti and Rosalba Pepi Mend of Me
Organza, burlap, silk thread, embroidery

Rosie James Durer Stitching
Inspired by a sketch by Albrecht Durer.
Silk organza, machine stitching

Rozanne Hawksley Self Portraits, Pale Rider, In Whose Name?
Self portrait studies of the artists drawn over five years .
Work based on and using gloves.

I also found a lot of inspiration for my current project from hand imagery in all different forms through out the show. Again he strength of the shows stitch artists glared through with several artists creating simple linear pieces that were really effective in showing the detailing of the skin on the hand. But I was particularly interested in Rozanne Hawksley's work in which she uses gloves. I have decided that I now intend on using latex gloves in my work to create interesting shapes and features in my knit work, at the end of my knit project I shall put up some images of what my outcomes were and more details of the intentions of the project.

There were also some quirky things at the show that I wanted to include...

Itie Langeland Bascous
Inspired by irregular appearances, in this case by people with an abundance of hair.

Sarah Brown 84 Hours
Inspired by the bookbinder William Wood who died in prison in 1788 after being sentenced for two years for pressurising his master to reduce the working week from 84 hours to 83 hours. The book was bound from 6am to 8pm for six days, recreating the working week of Wood himself.

I also met a Canadian weaver, Susan Jarmain. Here is some of her beautiful work she selected for the show...

Jarmain uses a reactant dye on pure silk to colour the warp with a her design before she weaves in the weft to create the final effect. This can create a whole array of effects depending on the techniques she chooses to weave in, with some truly magical results.

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  1. I friggin love your blog!!! So much to see! It is going to take me a while to get around it! Very ispiring and a great range of ideas! Looks like there was a lot going on at this exhibition! It seems very conceptual. Particularly like the Kyoko Nagasawa Search for Pouring Down.. guess why.. simplicity.. fluidity. Beautiful!