Sunday, 22 November 2009

Mushy Mush

I literally LOVE mushrooms.

I don't really know what it is I love so much about them.
The taste. The texture. The smell.
Everything everybody else hates about them.
I have this weird thing where I have to eat them raw by taking out the stalk then peeling the skin from the underneath to the top then snapping it in half and eating each segment seperately. It's kind of an obsession. There is no other way this task can be done...

I found this book in my uni library and it has literally provided me with reading entertainment for weeks on end.
I have actually found a way to encorporate this love into my work this semester as I have been taking hand casts in mod rock inspired by the work of Egon Schiele as well as other artists who look at hands a a key theme, then I turn these casts into mushrooms with tea and coffee staining and painting on latex to create a natural and weathered look and adding a stalk for support.

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