Sunday, 15 November 2009

Three Inches Black

With the arrival of the iPhone into a world of technology obsessed androids at the forfront of development there has come a surge of weird and wonderful accessories off the back of its popularity. But one of the strangest I have seen is this 'iPhone finger' which I accidentally stumbled upon whilst browsing the internet. Of course, with the purchase of a brand new expensive iPhone the last thing you would want would be your own finger prints obstructing the screen... so why not invest in this stunning hand wear?!...

I kid you not...
Strangely enough it reminded me of the an artist I have recently been looking at to insipre me for my current knit project. Douglas Gordon's 1997 'Three Inches Black' is a series of 11 photographs taken of a black tattoo by Gordon over the entire of a man's index finger. The inspiration for this work comes from a story Gordon remembers being told as a child concerning the amount of stabbings that took place in Glasgow where he grew up in the 1970s. At the time there was a police crackdown on any potential weapon that was carried. The three inches represents the boundry between life and death.

In an accompnanying text Gordon states that three inches is the length needed to penetrate the heart through the chest cavity.


  1. Firstly, that is the craziest product i am sure apple are producing, and secondly the similarity between it and the artist work is shocking. Something so comical and another so sinister sitting in the same bracket really makes you think. It is really interesting.