Sunday, 13 December 2009

The future is bright

Hussein Chalayan is amazing. I have been a big fan of his work for a long time, and is a fashion designer I will draw on for inspiration time after time.

His 2007 A/W collection used light to convey a message through the fashion world. Chalayan used LED lights to communicate "the idea of changing seasons, their association with each other and their life and death cycles".
Despite his tecnological and architectural approach to fashion design, Chalayan manages to humanise his work to create soft, feminine garments, that reveal his love for the female form. His work is strangley on trend, despite the fact that his thought process comes from a completely original source.

Ok, so now for my point. Since the 1990's Phillips Design have been looking for a way to communicate emotion though fashion. Everybody remembers mood rings, yeah? Well think of that recreated... in clothes. This 'SKIN' project uses LED lights, like Chalayans AW 2007 collection, although scientists are claiming that this research can somehow predict the future.

Ok, so LED lights are always pretty, but surely in this day and age we are more than capable of communicating our own emotions.
If this is the future, I'm not coming.

Also, you would'nt buy one, because it would look totaly differnt in day light. Fools.

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