Monday, 21 December 2009

Mark Borthwick


I have fallen in love with his beautiful photography.
I love the sun drenched images with a feel that brings back the innocence of childhood summers that now seem a distant memory. Playing in streams and rivers and feeling the icy water of skin.
Every photograph he takes feels like a perfectly natural moment that would otherwise have been forgotten in the past, but kept forever in a raw, sun-like beauty.
All his models seem to be his friend in a relaxed and drifting setting.
The saturated effects make you feel like you've been lying in the sun with your eyes closed and as you open them for the first time, it takes a while for you to adjust to the blazing world around you.

I want to be his friend so all those beautiful moments in life would never be forgotten and over shadowed with the spiralling day to day lull of life.

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