Saturday, 12 December 2009

There's one in all of us...

I went to see 'Where The Wild Things Are' today. At 9:50 in the morning, after an 'Abducted' charity event I was supposed to be involved in was called off when they lost the keys to the van.

I’ve been desperately wanting to see it so I suppose things worked out for the best really, as lack of sleep + being thrown out the back of a van 150miles away from home in the cold + hitchhiking back to Leeds probably doesn’t equal the perfect day. But hey-ho, anything for a good cause.

So yeah, WTWTA certainly didn’t disappoint! It was potent, beautiful, sad, witty, happy, peculiar, artistic, lonely, random, innocent and all those other bits of jargon you would expect to be secreted through reviews of the work of the director Spike Jonze.

So, anyway, I think this video sums up the film, better than I ever could do...

Spike Jonze is well known for his work in adverts and music videos, often capturing the raw and innocent imagination of children in his work in dream like beauty and originality.

Im sure you can do nothing but agree that Spike Jonze is a cinematography GENIUS. I am truly in awe of his creative talents, am will forever appreciate his work.


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