Thursday, 14 January 2010

Mark Weaver

I've been meaning to do one of those 'so-this-was-the-last-10years-of-my-life' posts, to welcome in the new and exciting decade that is 2010, but I guess I have just got a bit caught up in all the buzz of snowy epidemics (the worst in 30 years!) and horrifying exams looming.

Perhaps I will eventually get round to doing one of those half way through the year or something, when I hit the ripe age of 20 with eye opening realisation that I will be half way to 40, potentially with some inspiring life changing targets that I hope to one day achieve and reflecting on how I have changed and why....

But for now, (and on a much lighter note) I have just come across this wonderful website called BOOOOOOOM! And discovered this terrific graphic designer called Mark Weaver.

I love his eerie take on the design, juxtaposing scientific images of human anatomy with the faces and body parts of animals and birds. I conjures a mystical and imagunary world like that found in the pages of kids books such as Alice in Wonderland but with an underlying seriousness of death and decay.

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