Monday, 15 February 2010

Helena Hörstedt

I am continuously fascinated with overlapping different disciplines of design. Particularly fashion, textiles and architecture. After looking at the work of Sandra Backlund and her architectural knitwear, I have been drawn to another Swedish designer, Helena Horstedt.
Her structural garments use abstruse pleating and folding to create voluminous items with a luxurious edge. I love the crisp lines and perfectly planned framework, which give a very modern and technically clean effect.

My current knit project is looking at how I can bring the influence of architecture into textiles. I am currently experimenting with how I can use different stitches, needle selection and stitch transfer to create three dimensional fabrics that bring life to cloth, just as Horstedt manages to do time after time with her collections.

Watch this space for more on my project later...

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