Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Theo Jansen

"The worlds between arts and engineering exist only in our minds."

Theo Jansen.

What a guy...

Firstly I am wowed by his beautiful kinetic sculptures that move gracefully through a space as if they are living, breathing creatures. Secondly, and more importantly I truly respect and believe in his goal to merge engineering and art. The bringing together of design disciplines is something that really makes my mind tingle with happiness and intrigue. All forms of design, whether it be photography, architecture, art, textiles, graphics, fashion or typography should overlap and influence each market, which stands in it's own right and within the broader design field.

This overlap of various disciplines is something I want to achieve through my own design, and in this semseters project I intend to follow and intertwine the paths of typography, knit and architecture. Watch this space for more on that.

But now, let us revel in the precise beauty of Mr. Jansen's sculptures and his wonderful ability to give the natural forces a visual life...

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