Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Haik Avanian: Rekn.it

I love this idea from Haik Avanian. Taking old products and up-cycling them is an issue that has played on repeat in my mind for a while now, having taken on an Eco-Design elective this semester. So don't even start me on the LiDS wheel!
I can only hope that his mum sits in a rocking chair and knits away into the early hours whilst listening to the sounds of Radio 4, looking somewhat like the lovely lady pictured on the right of my profile...
Ohhhh, I might just have to put an order in for a new hat myself.

Here's a description of the project from the man himself:

"Reknit was launched on January 4th, 2010 as a small project to share a resourceful family tradition with the world, and to encourage my mom to partake in her hobby more often. The project is based around the idea of reclaiming yarn from old clothes, and re-knitting that yarn into something new and useful. It’s a really simple form of re-using/re-purposing that can be very fun. The project has gotten a very warm response from all over the world, and thus far has been featured on GOOD, Discovery’s Planet Green, The Zoe Report & UrbanDaddy to name a few. The site will feature a different item each month, which will be decided by user submitted votes. Check out Reknit for yourself!"

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