Sunday, 7 March 2010

Irina Shaposhnikova

As my fascination with geometric shapes and 3D constructions becomes more and more obsessive, this discovery of Irina Shaposhnikova's graduation ‘Crystallographica’ show from 2009 makes me happier than a litter of excited puppies.
The construction of the garments is just beautiful and the muted colours and perfectly constructed geometrics is terrific.

Irina Shaposhnikova 09 from pierre debusschere on Vimeo.

My heart also skipped a beat when I stumbled upon this shoe concept from Andreia Chaves.

The invisible shoe is a work of art in it's own right, creating a illusion of the wearer floating across the floor. An unusual, futuristic alternative to the glass slipper in a origamied prism realisation.

Shaposhnikova is also well know for her knit work, which has been featured in Vogue (Russia). 'Vivian Girls; is another example of her creative and constructive genius where cables have been invisibly attached to a nylon mesh to create brilliantly architectural caged garments.

So here is some of my most recent work from the knit project I am doing at the moment, looking at architectural knit and geometric shapes...

I started off studying Paul Auster's novel City of Glass from The New York Trilogy. In the book a detective follows a man around the streets of New York and deciphers a new typeface where the city's streets were used as a canvas. I started recording some of my paths I took around Leeds on a regular basis.

My sketchbook and knit work draws inspiration from the architecture of Leeds and Berlin, where I will be going in two weeks (EEEEK!), and the underlying structure that can be found in the fundamentals of most successful designs, throughout the creative industries.

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