Sunday, 31 October 2010

Issey Miyake: 132.5

The fashion designer Issey Miyake has designed a new range that expand from a two dimensional geometric platform into amazing three dimensional garments with original and inspiring characteristics. Taking his inspiration from the work of computer scientist Jun Mitani who creates three-dimensional structures with smoothly curved surfaces by folding flat materials, Miyake has highlighted aesthetic links between structure and beauty and it's process.

The name of the collection 132.5 derivres from the nature of the project as a whole, with each of the digits having a special significance; “1” refers to a single piece of cloth, while “3” refers to its three-dimensional shape. The following “2” comes from the fact that a 3D piece of material is folded into a two-dimensional shape, and the “5” separated by a single space refers to the time between when the folded forms are made and people actually put them on, giving birth to clothing. The numeral “5” also signifies our hope that this idea will have many other permutations.

Miyake has born a union between mathematics and fashion design. After all, arnt all the deepest secrets of life surely answered by mathematics? So many beautiful and fundamentally magnificent things are mathematically sound.

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