Thursday, 11 November 2010

Doug Foster: Heretic's Gate

Doug Foster 's 'Heretic's Gate', was shown at London's Art Frieze Fair, the theme: Dante's Inferno. "Hell's Half Acre" took place in the sinister Old Vic's Tunnels under Waterloo Station on October 11th. Such an eerie setting was perfect for the piece which was inset in an archway, the moving images being reflected in a pool of water representing the River Styx. The piece symbolises Dante’s entry point into the Sixth Circle of Hell where heretics and non-believers burn for eternity in furnace-like tombs.

Non of the images are digitally enhanced or g edited by Foster, just simply filmedold leaf and suspended particles in light rich water that billow and cloud in two different symmetrical planes, casting emotive and viimages of faces, beasts and ethereal witchcraft.

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